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Introducing Our New Collaborative Learning Network!

We have so many talented professionals in the learning and development community here in Portland, Oregon. Many of us struggle with the same training-related challenges. So we started thinking: Why not host regular sessions where we can get together to discuss these common issues? It would be a great way to strengthen our existing network and meet new people, and it would also allow us to put our brains together to resolve learning-related challenges.

This fall we started the Collaborative Learning Network. Here’s how it works. Every month, we curate the latest insights, best practices, and techniques around a different topic related to learning and development. We invite innovative professionals from the learning and development community to gather, share insights, and collaborate—social learning at its best. It’s free to come, but advanced registration is required.

The topic for our November session was “Transforming Classroom Content to eLearning.” We led a guided discussion based on broad questions, such as:

  • People worry about learner engagement in online learning. What can you do to involve learners?
  • How would you describe an ideal eLearning experience?
  • How would you describe a bad eLearning experience?
  • How can you overcome resistance to eLearning in your organization or with your training audience?

Our participants came from a diverse background with varied experiences. For 90 minutes, we discussed typical challenges related to the topic and brainstormed solutions together. After the session, we compiled the information we all shared and sent a PDF out to everyone who attended.

Our next session is Wednesday, December 5 from 9 – 10:30 a.m. The topic is “Assessing Training Needs: Alternatives to Training Courses.” We often assume that if a training need exists, then a training course is the solution. We’ll put our brains together to explore other ways to teach beyond the confines of coursework in a dynamic, small-group setting.

Hope to see you there. Register today! Join our LinkedIn Group for post-session discussions.

The Case For Custom Blended Employee Development And Training

Currently we are designing a leadership development training program – it’s a big client and a big job. One of the things they asked us early on was why we couldn’t just use or slightly tweak a program that we’d already built for another client. Despite the obvious ethical implications, at IdeaLearning Group we know that building custom programs is the only real way to achieve sustainable results. We have designed lots of leadership training programs for large and small organizations and we have a lot of resources that we can pull from. The thing is though, that as is always the case, the Needs Analysis showed us that the culture and performance gaps dictated an entirely different curriculum and design.

Shannon likes to remind me that I once said “we build custom learning lattes”, and it is kind of like that. Each client has different tastes (culture) and different needs (performance gaps) and a regular old cup o’  joe  just isn’t going to work for everyone.

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