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Think You Know What Motivates Your Employees? You May Be Surprised

Dan Pink’s engaging animation on what motivates employees to perform.

Long Term Learning: Music Makes Memories

Emotional impact and repetition are two techniques for transferring short-term memories to long-term memories.

As I was driving today, I found myself singing out loud to the song on the radio. I knew every single word. I was feeling fantastic. As I sang, it dawned on me: I hadn’t heard this song since I was in high school – the year my best friend and I would ride the bus home from school field trips, listen to music, and sing at the top of our lungs. How did I possibly remember every single word to that song? I was emotionally engaged – to the lyrics, to the fun I was having, to my friend –when I learned it. And we sang that song over and over and over.

Not only do I remember those lyrics today, I can recall where I was sitting on the bus, how it smelled with the rain coming down, and how much I enjoyed singing with my best friend. My song?  The Cure – Just like Heaven – listen to it now

Learning Technique: “Read It, Write It, Say It”

Learning hasn’t always been my strength, so it’s ironic that I am the co-owner of an employee development and training company. When I was a kid in school I used to dread having to memorize dates in history, vocabulary lists and multiplication tables. My Mum has a great technique always seemed to work and now through rose colored glasses I see the wisdom of her ways.

“READ IT, WRITE IT, SAY IT.” – I can still hear her drumming that into me! When I wasn’t too lazy to try I would apply her technique almost always with great results. Of course what she was doing was engaging me cognitively (read it, say it) and physically (write it).

Now, take that same technique a step further and incorporate emotional engagement. I could have created a story using the vocabulary words, or created a mental picture or just had a dialogue about the content with my Mum, a friend or someone with whom I felt an emotional connection.

At IdeaLearning Group we take the Read it, Write it, Say it concept and create physically, emotionally and cognitively engaging employee learning experiences.

Looks like my Mum was onto something!

Adult Training Can Be A Lot Like Kindergarten

Everything I needed to know about learning, I learned in kindergarten.

My twin boys are in kindergarten this year – a big milestone for the whole family. As a student of learning, it has been interesting for me to observe the similarities in elementary and adult learning methods.

I have been impressed with the integration of curriculum across all experiences. For example in October, in keeping with a Halloween theme, their teachers introduced curriculum around skeletons. The kids learned about foods to keep their bones strong by eating yogurt, cheese and other high calcium snacks and they cut out pictures of individual bones and glued them together to create skeletons. Great stuff, but I was amazed to find out that in music class (yes… in a public school!) they were singing “the leg bone’s connected to the knee bone, the knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone, the thigh bone’s connected to the hip bone…” remember that one? That week the librarian read them a story about skeletons and in gym class they were reminded that exercise strengthens their bones. By the end of the week they knew an awful lot about the insides of their bodies and were gleefully telling me all about it. They had participated in brain based learning and made their mom proud.

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