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Yesterday in a business meeting with a strategic partner, the conversation turned to restaurants – turns out this guy knows every yummy place in the city! Finally, I thought, I can find a great Chinese place. I’ve been searching for six years (not with great ambition) to find a fresh, not too oily, authentic Chinese restaurant.

So he recommends a great place, and I decide to test my cognitive association tricks. The name is Golden Horse.  Just so happens there is a gold light fixture at our table – good, got it. Next the horse part. Well, “horse” rhymes with “course” and I just finished the first course of my meal. Crazy association, but you know what?… three days later I still know the name of the restaurant.

Here’s why it worked:

  1. I am emotionally connected to the outcome (I want to eat yummy Chinese food).
  2. He described a delicious meal that got me salivating – physical connection.
  3. I applied a cognitive association technique to remember the name: Gold Lamp Course… I mean Golden Horse!

** UPDATE** Finally got to the Golden Horse for lunch today (1/29/10) – simple atmosphere – great food.

The Impact of Emotion on Learning

I was a great student up until the third grade when a negative experience with a teacher had a tremendous emotional impact on me. From that point on I slipped further and further behind in math and it wasn’t until many years later, with one on one coaching, that I learned how I learn. As an adult educator I am motivated to create positive learning experiences for program participants by ensuring that the individual learning style is supported.

Although it is known that long-term or chronic stress can affect the brain’s learning and memory region, a study by UC Irvine researchers has discovered that short-term stress, lasting as little as a few hours, can impair brain-cell communication (memory). IdeaLearning Group programs strive to create safe, positive emotional experiences and minimize negative stress in learning.

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