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Our Work

Idea Learning Group is a Portland-based, women-owned, creative learning firm that designs custom engaging learning experiences for businesses to educate and communicate with their employees. We work in a variety of industries including credit unions, energy, entertainment, government, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, service, software, and transportation.

We're on a mission to save the world from boring training by providing clients with creative, engaging, custom learning experiences. Idea Learning Group launched in early 2009 with three goals in mind:

  • Focus on improving the way adults learn in the workplace with more experience-based learning opportunities.
  • Create custom learning materials to increase audience engagement and make the experience of learning more meaningful.
  • Serve as an external resource for businesses that either lack training departments or whose training teams need additional resources.

Clients are partners.
We invest in long-term relationships with our clients and come to know their unique content, context,
and business systems.

We understand how learning happens.
We pair our creativity with a deep understanding of how people learn.

One size does not fit all.
We recognize that learners, clients,
and content are all unique. Custom, creative work is what we do.


Learning can and should be both
productive and fun.

We design learning experiences that leverage storytelling, discovery, and movement to engage participants emotionally and cognitively.

Cafeteria Learning

We have a passion for transforming workplace learning to appeal to learner curiosity, influence behavior change, and generate meaningful, relevant experiences. Cafeteria Learning is a unique model we created for delivering workplace learning. It rolls together the best of the experiential, constructivist, and action learning approaches and bakes in an important brain-based twist: Choice.

Every Ready-to-Go kit is built using the Cafeteria Learning model.

Want a workshop created just for you? We can design a customized Cafeteria Learning experience from scratch that reflects your content and your brand.

Prefer to design your own Cafeteria Learning workshop? Our book will teach you how. Let Them Choose: Cafeteria Learning Style for Adults, published by Association for Talent Development.


Brain-Based Learning

Up until the last few decades of the 20th century, scientists thought that our brains stopped developing after childhood. Scientists have made enormous strides recently in discovering that our brains constantly rewire themselves. As our individual experiences and environments change, our brains' neural pathways go through a physiological change as well-a process called "neuroplasticity." Learning is a major type of change that influences the connections and pathways in our brains.

At Idea Learning Group, we stay up to date on articles and research related to neuroscience and learning. In designing our courses and learning materials, we engage learners by using strategies based on neuroscience. Some of our brain-based learning techniques include:

  • Building attention-getting "grand openings" into our courses to immediately engage and capture learners' attention.
  • Using realistic problems in our materials to help learners engage in authentic scenarios.
  • Providing active learning opportunities, such as hands-on, collaborative projects and self-directed discovery.
  • Designing multiple ways for people to learn information to accommodate the fact that no two brains are wired the same.


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