Idea Learning Group

Our Philosophy

Traditional training is designed with a distinct start, distinct end, and is delivered over a fixed number of hours. However, learning doesn't actually work that way. At Idea Learning Group, we regard learning as an experience, not an event. The neuroscience of learning shows that learners need repeated exposure to concepts to process, absorb, and understand information. We believe in creating learning experiences that take place over time to allow learners to process, internalize, and develop new ways to integrate the learning into their
business processes.

  • We see our clients as partners. We uncover their unique needs and design custom learning solutions that align with their objectives.
  • We believe that one size does not fit all. Learners, clients, and content are all unique. No cookie-cutter solutions here.
  • We understand how learning happens. We base our work on experience, science, and research.
  • We like to have fun, and we design learning experiences with that in mind. We enjoy our time together. We enjoy our clients. We enjoy our work. We make learning fun.

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