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"With Idea Learning Group all we had to do was attend a few meetings and review drafted materials. We got all the credit, and Idea Learning Group did all the hard work."

ValueOptions is the nation’s largest independent behavioral health care and wellness company, specializing in management for behavioral health, mental health, and chemical dependency. ValueOptions is committed to providing innovative and flexible services that improve health and healthy behaviors with clinically appropriate and cost-effective solutions.

ValueOptions engaged with Idea Learning Group to develop an interactive and engaging eLearning experience focusing on cultural competency for clients, customers, employees, and family members. ValueOptions had some existing static content related to cultural competency on the company’s mental health and wellness website, Achieve Solutions, but the project owners felt the topic would be better served and understood by implementing an interactive tool that prompts learners to explore the full-scale complexities of cultural competency.

Idea Learning Group’s online course includes a series of thought-provoking scenarios designed to grab the learners’ attention and prompt them to evaluate their own perceptions on various situations related to cultural competency. In the interactive eLearning scenarios, the individual observes a situation, selects a behavior, receives feedback on the behavior, and reflects on how the behavioral response could be interpreted by others. By completing the course and interacting with a diverse set of scenarios, the learner discovers that cultural competency is a complex concept involving ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status, healthcare concerns, age, and sexual orientation—and ways in which those perceptions and behaviors affect others.

The Cultural Competency eLearning course is publically available on Achieve Solutions, which is a value-added resource accessible by approximately 25 million members. The most recent quarterly report indicates it is one of the top-accessed pieces of content. The ValueOptions Colorado leadership team requires all their employees to complete this course.

When asked about the process of working with Idea Learning Group, the ValueOptions project sponsor commented about how easy the process was: “We have worked with other consulting companies, but we had to do most of the writing internally. We wanted someone who could do scripting as well as the development. With Idea Learning Group all we had to do was attend a few meetings and review drafted materials. We got all the credit, and Idea Learning Group did all the hard work.”

Update - October 2013: Check out our most recent project for ValueOptions on Personal Resiliency.


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